Waterproof Tube Filler TU91

TU91 – Tube Filler

The waterproof tube filler

The TU91 is a high-quality tube filling machine mainly driven by servo motors. There are several version of
working stations around the rotary indexing table selectable. The format change can be done within
minutes due to the user-friendly design of machine. The rotary table contains 12 replaceable and easily changeable tube holders. Eachclosing station has its own drive.

The turntable contains 12 replaceable tube holders. The individual stations with separate drives are radially
positioned around the turntable on columns. The machine frame is made of stainless steel and the product-
contacting parts are made out of AISI 316L.

A quick-loading magazine is used as standard for feeding in the tubes. Other tube feed systems are possible as well. The machine includes a remote maintenance module. Hot air equipment is used to seal PE tubes while folding tools are used to close aluminum tubes. Common folds are double fold, triple fold and saddle fold. Further tubes can be single-sided or double-sided embossed.

Furthermore this machine is “waterproof” due to its special design and use of special sealings. That means for cleaning purpose  you can easily rinse it with water.

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