Tube Filler TU60/80

TU60/80 – Tube Filler


The TU60/80 is a mechanical full automatic tube filling machine driven by cams
and servo motors. The machine is equipped with a rotary indexing table and a great
range of options is available. Due to the high-quality electronics is given a high flexibility
regarding filling and closing process. Furthermore there is the possibility to store up to
99 programms for different products.

The turntable contains 12 replaceable tube holders, and a central hollow shaft sup-
ports the clamp holder plate on which the tube closing tools are mounted.
The machine frame is made of stainless steel and the product-contacting parts
are made of AISI 316L.

A quick loading magazine is used as standard for feeding in the tubes. Other tube
feed systems are possible. The machine includes a remote maintenance module.

All servo drives and the pneumatic equipment are from German design.
Hot air equipment is used to seal PE tubes while folding tools are used to seal
aluminum tubes. The tubes can be embossed on both sides.

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