Tube filling machine - pharmaceutical industry

Tube filling and closing machine TU91 – Pharmaceutical industry

Tube filling and closing machine – TU91 – For pharmaceutical industry


Здравствуйте … now we have also manufactured the first tube filling machine of our model series TU91 for aluminum tubes in the pharmaceutical industry. The machine was delivered to Minsk, Belarus in April of this year 2018. The machine acceptance took place after three days of commissioning and the performance of the complete installation and operation qualification.

Externally, the machine impresses with its clean design and the matt shiny stainless steel look. In terms of performance, up to 90 tubes per minute can be processed. In accordance with pharmaceutical requirements, the machine is equipped with a tube deformation control, tube cleaning, nitrogen pre-fumigation and a faulty tube ejection station with a lockable collecting container. In addition, a double-walled 40L hopper including stirrer, level sensor and water temperature control unit is installed. In the product-contacting area all stainless steel parts made of AISI 316L and all plastics used are FDA-compliant.

TU91 – Workstations
TU91 – tube output


Furthermore, the TU91 has for the first time the possibility of production data report generation. For this purpose, production data such as date, operator name, recipe name, batch, number of good and bad tubes are recorded and processed. Subsequently, the data  report can be e.g. transferred via USB interface.

At this step we want to say thank you again to our customer for the good project management and of course we wish maximum production success.

Your team from Gustav Obermeyer