Because we have been manufacturing machines for the packaging industry for 60 years now, we are naturally able to underline a multitude of companies who are extremely satisfied with the quality, service and endurance of our systems. We could even show you tube filling machines that are still being used in large companies after more than 50 years. Yes, we can even supply spare parts for these old machines – our spare parts guarantee is a life-long one!

Since the turnaround, or rather, since the revolution in East Germany, a multitude of machines have been supplied in the most diverse areas of application and in the most diverse regions of the world – from Ecuador to Singapore, from Helsinki to Colombo in Sri Lanka, tube, bottle and pot filling systems are working to our clients’ complete satisfaction.

We have renowned corporations and extremely successful mid-sized companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, foodstuffs and special chemical industries as our clients, who are also extremely willing to demonstrate the machines we have created to other interested parties.

And of those companies who buy a system from Gustav Obermeyer, more than 98% of them also bought the predecessor machine from us in the past.

We are extremely proud of this fact!