Platform AL110

AL110 – Platform


Our AL110 platform is very suitable when it comes to highly complex packaging matters. Base of the platform is the oval design in various forms – small, medium and large. Therefore it provides the latest technology and modular construction. As a result, many requests can be realized at confined space.The workstations are arranged around the indexed oval transport system within the housing. Where some competitors would need two or three machines for accomplishing various packaging tasks we ill need only one machine, as platform for many functions. The AL110 OV is therefore a filling, sealing and assembling machine of upscale class in oval design for high versatility. The station drives are mainly using the servo technology. This allows decreasing time at format change and maintenance.

The AL110 can process up to 100 bottle per minute and it can integrate capping, putting in dispensers, crimping and putting caps via push-on. Of course, GMP-compliant and suitable for pharmaceutical production. Our AL110 OV is the ideal platform for various types of tubes and (instable) containers.


Here: Watch AL110 on YouTube!