Nobody Is Perfect

Nobody Is Perfect


And we would never claim that we were, either. And like us, you’re sure to mistrust anyone who wants to sell you their perfection! But we’re learning all the time about perfection. After all, since 1945 Gustav Obermeyer has supplied the packaging industry with well in excess of 1,200 tube filling and capping machines.

That’s a lot! And now, we’ve almost achieved it: perfection

-4004: The first filling with one of our filling machines by Adam. Adam pours an apple juice with a filling machine from our production. However, the expulsion from Paradise is not our fault!

1889: Foundation by Gustav Obermeyer Maschinenfabrik, Plauen. The founder is extremely entrepreneurial and isn’t bad at what he does at all. He develops the company and steers it through tough times. We want to continue this tradition!
1923: Production of turbines and textile machines. We still have original drawings!
1945: 1,000 years of dictatorship are over and we’re forced to hoist the Red Flag. Tube filling machines and pharmaceutical machines. Here, we’re getting closer to our current field of activity.
1976: The company is incorporated into the Nagema Corporation. Erich Honecker and his comrades finally have the company in their grasp. They give the company a truly socialist name – a soulless monstrosity – “Spemafa“. We change this after the turnaround to “SpeMaBa” due to an acute lack of imagination
1980: Supplying the 1,000th tube filling and capping machine. Not bad for our small company.
1993: Re-foundation with the range of filling machines and packaging machines; Mr D. Buchner and others are responsible for automation.
2002: SpeMaBa showcases its production range at Interpack. However, it is less profitable, because until that time we only focused on the domestic market.
2005: Takeover of (what was still) SpeMaBa by Dr. Thomas W. Richter, the sole shareholder. Reconfiguration of the previous obscure model policy. Consideration of the tradition as a German company and resumption of export activities.
2007:  Extension of the model range – now including all kinds of packaging machines – and cartoners, too! Since 2008, we have once again been going by the name of Gustav Obermeyer.
2009: Complete renovation of our company building. The former ramshackle building is turned into a pearl at the heart of Plauen. Our oval machines become our standard platform, and our tube filling machines our centrepiece. And we celebrated our anniversary of 120 YEARS.
2010: Our machines are being copied by even large companies working in the German machine construction industry – that’s how creative we’ve become! Our export share is continually increasing.
2012: Expansion of the model range – the new innovations are the tube filling machines TU 25 and TU 91. We are showcasing our new cartoners as part of the GOL (Gustav Obermeyer Line – a catchy name, no?). We are now also building lines for all kinds of powder.
2016: Delivery of our first oval tube filler.