Monobloc AL51

AL51 FL – Bottle Filling


The AL51 is the “Allrounder” in our range of bottle filling machines. It is a rugged,
mechanically by cams and servo driven very flexible operating
which combines the
advantages of one in-line filling and one round indexing
capping machine.
This combination enables an economical space saving
version in only one single block.

There is a range of several feeding systems as well as closing tools depending
on the
variety and requirements of containers plus closures. For screwing we
recommend the use of
the proven precise torque capper of GSM-Series.

In addition there are different filling technologies selectable. Depending on your require-
ments the filling media can be automatically sucked, fed by a hopper (also heated) or
directly supplied under pressure.
Furthermore this machine is characterized by clean design and very fast as well as tool-free
format change of starwheel and guidings.

Get in touch with us and we‘ll attend to your processing needs! 

         Here: Watch AL51 on YouTube!