Mascara Filling Maschine

Mascara Filling Machine

Mascara – „For beauty Eyes“ and the special filling machine


Particularly when filling the highly viscous mascara special requirements are placed on the filling machine. Our special filling machine -FA25- for mascara filling works with high-precision volumetric piston dosing technology. The product is aspirated from the heated funnel with a speed-controlled agitator. Finally it will carefully filled into the Bottles via a rotary valve and thin filling needle. Afterwards, the filled containers are automatically torque-precise screwed by reliable GSM closing station.

Depending on customer requirements and budget, the containers and their closures can be fed manually, semi-automatically and automatically. We offer fully automatic feeding technology by means of sorting head, vibration conveyor and gripper unit. The removal of the containers from the format holders is carried out automatically. On the machine output can be easily attached a conveyor belt.

The filling machine convinces with a clear view, a user-friendly operator interface, short changeover times and format changes without special tools. In addition, the machine is GMP-compliant and easy to clean.

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mascara filling and closing machine
Mascara torque-precise screwer / closing station
filling and closing machine mascara