Jars Filler AL31 Ti

Jar Filler – AL31 Ti

Jars Filler AL31 Ti


  Jar Filler Al31 TI details

The AL31 Ti is a mechanically cam-controlled filling and capping machine for jars and
tins. Transfer of the containers to the individual processing stations is realized by rotary
table. The star wheel and the guide gallery are format parts and can be easily
changed. The machine frame is made of stainless steel and the product contacting
are made out of stainless steel or high performance plastics.

The empty containers are fed in by conveyor. After filling the sealing foils will be
automatically put on
the jars via seals magazine. At the next station they are welded on
the jars. For closing process square
caps can also be screwed on properly aligned.
Various outfeeding options
are available.

The machine AL31 Ti is able to process very gently different forms of jars and tins .
In addition it is also possible to get this machine with a double track or even
triple track design. Due to that two or three containers will be filled at the same time
and the machine gets much higher output performance.

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