Tube Filling Machines

For more than 60 years now, Gustav Obermeyer has been building tube filling machines, which are characterised by their robustness and flexibility. A multitude of the first-generation tube filling machines is still working as faultlessly today as they were in the beginning. But there’s more than just filling tubes: rapid changeover, a high level of filling accuracy, compactness and easy cleaning. In this regard, we have optimized our machines and are constantly further developing them. Building on a proven concept, our tube fillers form part of the latest generation. We attach an extremely high level of importance to smooth surfaces and robust design. Our user experiences flow into each generation of our tube fillers. We also attach maximum importance to details. In this way, all of our tube filling machines are designed for rapid changeover. You can reach all the machine components without any effort whereby result a quick and easy cleaning of the machines. You can even wash down our TU91 models with water using a hose! 

The performances range from 30 tubes p.m. (mech.) in the case of our TU 25 and up to 180 tubes p.m. mech. in the case of our TU 91-2. Even in the case of our smallest fully automatic machines, you can optimise the filling process by way of servo technology. Our systems work with two alternative principles: the so-called changing head principle (TU 25, TU60, TU80) or single station operation (TU 91, TU 91-2, TU110).  

There are changing heads for PE and laminate tubes (hot-air welding/sealing and jaw welding) and for aluminium tubes (double, triple fold), which can be replaced on the machines within 30 to 40 minutes. The TU91 series is primarily suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The individual stations – suitable in equal measure for both tube types in the case of the TU 91 M+PE – are fully encapsulated and are thus protected against dust and impurities. Due to the encapsulation, the entire system can be cleaned with splash water! Recently we have developed a new tube filling machine: our oval tube filler TU110 which is capable to process 2x metal and 2x PE-Tubes.