Fill Others

We are a special-purpose engineering company

We were, are and will remain as a engineering company for special machines within the packaging industry in spite of our standard machines responsible for filling and closing tubes, bottles as well as jars.

Another and very interesting area, in which we operate, is the production of diagnostic systems, together with filling concepts like “pipetting“. The advantage of this method is the possibility of one-way filling in a sterile area. Results are no contamination, no need of cleaning as well as no cleaning validation. You can even fill strong acids! In other words, we offer solutions that will “suit” our clients and their requirements. We’re not trying to sell you a standard machine as a special solution. 


Thanks to our modular technology, we can nonetheless draw upon proven components for your special-purpose machinery and concentrate on the really special features. In this way, our delivery times remain short and you can place your trust in the technology.

Even in the cosmetics industry, machines that are precisely adapted to the marketing purposes are extremely important. We can offer you a solution to (virtually) any problem.