Compact, convenient, powerful

We have been building jars and tin fillers for two decades now. Pots are used especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, whereby the creams and ointments are for the most part protected by way of a sealing film or a sealing sheet. Of course, we use only high-quality AISI 304-type stainless steel for the frame and housing, AISI 316L for the parts that touch the products. The benefit of our automatic rotary design is the simple cleaning, as all the stations can be reached with ease.

Rotary machines

Our automatic rotary machines for jars / tins only require a small stand space – the AL 31Ti, for instance, requires 1.2m x 1.2 m – and combine all the functions of star wheels: filling, applying sealing sheets, hot sealing and torquing with our highly accurate torquing stations featuring threading technology.

And of course, it is possible to integrate other functions, such as labelling and printing. We have a multitude of supply options for extremely gentle pot input and our one- to three-track systems from 20 pcs. p.m. to 120 pcs. p.m. can easily be integrated into a single line.

As an oval machine, too

Our oval filling machines can be used as more than merely a bottle filler; they can also be used as a jars filler for creams and ointments. Better still, both bottles and pots are possible. And what’s more, thanks to our modular technology, we can offer you the AL 112 – the “all-rounder” for tubes, pots and bottles!