Bottle filling and capping


For bottle filling, there are a whole host of designs available to you. Our range includes the “traditional inline fillers”, the automatic rotary fillers in both a fully- and semi-automatic design, and monobloc and oval fillers. Our inline fillers can be expanded to form a line in a modular fashion, e.g. with a torqueing station such as our GSM 500 (servo torqueing station); in the monobloc version, both machines are combined on a single platform. Like all of our systems, for the bottle fillers we attach a great deal of importance to rapid cleaning and changeover, as well as robust and compact design.

oval filling machine_fill bottles AL31 Rundschalttisch_fill bottles



Bottles have extremely different shapes, caps and closures. For this reason, we use format holders for our oval fillers, so-called star wheels for our automatic rotary machines, monoblocs, and so-called pucks for our inline fillers with downstream automatic cappers. Various models are available to you depending on the performance you require – from approx. 10 – 12 pcs. p.m. to approx. 50 pcs. p.m. on a single track. We can offer multiple-track versions featuring up to 12 lines (inline fillers) and up to 4 lines for oval fillers. Our machines can be equipped with rotary pumps for up to slightly viscous products, extremely precise filling and extremely rapid changeover, with peristaltic pumps for liquid products or with our proven reciprocating piston principle for extreme flexibility.


automatic_bottle_infeed_ fill bottles Capping station_ fill bottles



Even our oval filling machines can be integrated in a whole host of different tasks. The changeover is nonetheless effected in an extremely rapid fashion thanks to servo technology. Whether its drop dispensers, dispensers, cap snappers, crimps or cap torques with our modern servo station – everything can be done by a single machine! Using a touch screen, all of the parameters can be optimally adapted, whilst operation is intuitive.