Cosmetic Machine Flex-O-Line



The cosmetics industry represents the concepts of beauty, wellness, lifestyle and design. With our new, aesthetically pleasing cosmetic line Flex-O-Line® we provide a flexibility for this industry, which requires an increasingly demanding market. These are the reasons why well-known companies such as LR Health & Beauty GmbH have decided themselves for our line Flex-O-Line®. The system has produced a great variety of formats right from the beginning.


Extremely fast changeover to different formats allow our servo technology, the puck transport and our machines AL 101Eex, the GSM 500CR / VS for putting on and crimping, putting on and screwing caps / cover caps for dispensers, and the GSM PVS for putting on dispensers and screwing for spray bottles – for volumes with range of 5-1000ml. And since the marketing came up with new ideas time and again, there are possibilities for manual intervention – of course in compliance with BGV – in order to deliver results quickly. And to drive the flexibility to the extreme, as a specialist for tube filling and sealing machines we have developed a tube capping machine for plastic and aluminum tubes that handle the puck and can be easily moved to the line.