Capping Machine GSM500

GSM500 – Our General Capper




Our GSM is either a stand-alone machine or a station within another machine. There are a variety of option available. The main issue is the torque-controlled server-driven capping device. The base machine is used for individual equipping with work stations and contains a GMP-compliant design, clean weld seams, edges and transitions as well as high-grade precise drives, servo and stepping motors perfectly installed in the frame. The machine speed is adjustable and is equipped with a rotary indexing table at which up to 12 workstations can be arranged radially. The mechechanical speed for the base machine is up 50 container p.m. (single lane).

The devices for gripping are grippers, capping heads or pump screwer. Each of the device has special gripping ability to cap the container highly reliable. You know: you want to screw not only a dozen but millions of caps!
Therefore the screwing device has segmented special grippers for optimal screwing results or a  screw head for screwing in a positive manner or by friction for optimal torquing results or special gripping fingers for pumps. All capping parameters can be adjusted by touch panel!

Here: Watch GSM500 on YouTube!